Advance ClickBank Strategies Now Released!

If I can make a good guess, time isn’t really on your side,
you’re deeply frustrated, and you want the answers – RIGHT NOW.

You’ve made a couple of websites to promote some products on
ClickBank as an affiliate. Maybe you haven’t a single dime yet.
Maybe you already saw some sales but it’s going at the speed of
a leaking tap (where’s the river gush?)

And you’re thinking…

“When can I start making big money like the big boys?”
Let’s get straight to the point:

• ClickBank may have been around for more than a decade, but
it’s certainly not like what it used to be. It used to be less
stressful making money from ClickBank years ago. Today, every
time a new product launches on ClickBank, you can guarantee
there will be thousands of other affiliates flocking to promote
it. When that happens, this eats into your share of the pie.

• You can no longer just bid on Pay-Per-Click campaigns like
Google Adwords, send traffic directly to the merchant’s site,
and expect a windfall. Maybe that’s true for Year 2003. But not
anymore today.

• Which leads to another point: even if you set up an affiliate
site to collect leads before sending the prospect to the
merchant’s site (which is a smart move) problem is Google
changes its rules every now and then. That’s how the term
“Google Slap” came about. They need to regulate the PPC
advertisers from just sending people to squeeze pages. If you
have friends who do PPC and complain about the “Google Slap”…
now you know why.

• If you are on a tight budget or have absolutely no clue how
PPC works, all the more I think you should stay away from this.
Yes, you can get faster results but if you don’t know what
you’re doing you’re just blowing your money away.

• What about Search Engine Optimization? Ranking your website
naturally for popular keywords related to your niche and the
product you’re promoting. But again, Page 1 on Google shows only
10 results. You have to have your website be at least among the
top 10. And you’re not the only one who thinks of that!

“So What Now?”

I’ve got good news: regardless of how many competitors you have
trying to promote the same product as you do, the truth is that
most of them are actually clueless about making money online too.

How else is it that only a small percentage of the people are
actually making the biggest bulk of sales on the Internet?



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