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Affiliate Marketing on a Blog is the Best Residual Income HANDS DOWN!


I quit working for one reason, so that I wouldn’t have to be under someone else’s control.

The goal of my affiliate marketing journey has always been residual income, a passive, recurring income that I could earn every month.  It’s the BEST sort of business income there is because once it begins rolling, it pretty much snowballs from there as long as you keep doing what you’re doing.

There are a lot of different marketing and direct sales (i.e. Avon) businesses that claim to be the best source of residual marketing income to make from home…

“Oh Heck No” to Direct Sales!

Direct sales was never something that I felt comfortable doing. I know a couple people who make a residual income doing this but it always seemed like I had to be a walking NASCAR for a product in my personal life.  I knew I didn’t want to do that being the shy, introverted person that I am.   So no direct sales for me.

Blogging Can Earn You the Best Residual Income!

I always liked the idea of using a blog to earn a residual income because…

  1. I liked the idea of writing online
  2. I didn’t have to sell a product to the people close me.
  3. I can write it once and get paid over and over and over

I began my blog in late 2012 and quickly started promoting Amazon’s affiliate program through it.  I liked affiliate marketing because it was a residual income that increased as my blog grew.

I learned about good keyword research and SEO and implemented that into my blogging.

As my traffic grew from these techniques so did my income!

I experimented with my affiliate links and started picking up on the things I was doing that converted sales better and naturally… I started doing more of that!

I’ve watched my little blog grow from absolutely nothing to making over $100,000 a year (as I write this). Pretty dang good huh?

That money is all residual income that is that has been growing and growing over the last 4 years!

And had I not given 3 years of my life to 3rd party site, I would have been earning that a lot sooner and probably making a lot more.  Lesson learned.  Which brings me to my next point….

Be In Control of Your Blog

Don’t make the same mistake that I did…

When I first started learning about how to make money blogging, I was writing on a platform owned by someone else.  That platform eventually went under and I was left with nothing.

You can imagine how that could be an issue for someone wanting to build an affiliate marketing business, right?  I mean here I was building content on a site that is *poof* gone.

You don’t have to take all my money twice!  If I was going to earn a residual income writing online I was going to need to own my website and I was going to need to be in complete control of the content on that website.

In order to build any good residual income earning business you have to have control of it, otherwise your income could one day end up at the mercy of another business, been there, done that..

Which brings me to Sponsored Blog Posts….

Are You Trading Time for Money?

Most of us bloggers take up blogging because we are drawn to a life of freedom.  We want to create and earn under our own terms.  We are tired of the “normal” ways of punching a clock and trading out time for a specific, not to mention, limited amount of money.  Trading time for money does not equal residual income.

This is why we don’t teach a thing about sponsored posts at Pajama Affiliates.  The income in not residual.  You get paid one time for one post.  Rinse and repeat.  I see bloggers out there stressing because they have deadlines on these sponsored posts and guideline to follow.  I took up blogging to get away from the stress.

I say “no, thank you” to sponsored content or paid posts because it doesn’t align with me.  We don’t knock it at Pajama Affiliates, it is certainly a way to make money but it’s just not the lifestyle I had in mind when I started this journey.  I don’t want someone else dictating what will and will not go on my site.  That doesn’t excite me at all.

The thing about sponsored posts is if you aren’t doing one, you aren’t getting paid. 

  • I like taking a week off and making lots of money while I am on a beach.
  • I like taking a nap and waking up to money.
  • I like knowing if I get sick, I still get paid.
  • I like generating an income when I’m not working

Any business that’s going to grow needs to be able to generate a consistent revenue even when you’re not available to work.  That’s why I like affiliate marketing, it works even when I’m not working.

I Don’t Want to Be Under Anyone’s Thumb!

Another reason I don’t like trading my time for money is it puts me under someone else’s control.  I have to write about their topic and give the information they want me to give – I can’t work like that.  Deadlines make my stomach hurt.  I’m a free spirit. I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Residual Income For a Blog!

I love affiliate marketing.  There is a lot of money to be made blogging via affiliate marketing and the best part??..

It’s residual!  One blog post can pay you over and over day after day, month after month, year after year.

That’s awesome sauce where I come from!

You’re Investing Into a Property Worth Mo Money!

It’s also a great investmentA blog generating a passive income gains more and more value as it grows and ages.  There are websites out there that earn and sell for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions.

A blog not earning residual income is not worth much to a buyer should you ever decide or need to sell.

If you aren’t using affiliate marketing as a means to monetize your blog you are leaving money laying all over the table.  What are you waiting for?

Learn how to use affiliate marketing on your blog and start your residual income rolling today!

No sleazy sales tricks or gimmicks are required for what we teach!  You can write about something you know and love and get paid for it with our affiliate marketing and blogging course.  


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