Daddy said find something you like to do

My Dad said find something you like to do and find a way to make money at it and you will never have a job a day in your life.
He was more right than I could have ever known because at a early age (5) our Elderly neighbor told my Dad that she watched me disassemble the lawnmower and put it back together and she was amazed it worked. This started me on a path toward becoming a Master Mechanic with all possible ASE Certifications and hence making a living doing something I love.
As I grew older I grew to love NASCAR Auto racing and became a NASCAR Winston Racing Series Driver, Car Owner, Crew Chief and what I really loved, being a Saftey Worker at major events across the USA (except Hawaii and Alaska).
Then in the 90’s I started thinking about how to make money at this thing called the Internet. I started out with my best friend William Eric Davis’s best advice to just give away a trinket for shipping and handling so I began with Key Fobs purchased for $1 and offered for $3.99 resulting in a $1.50 profit.
At the end of the 90’s I started selling items consigned to me by people who didn’t know how to be an eBay seller, I made a percentage of each sale and forwarded the remainder to the consignee but the packing, shipping, tracking consumed so much time that I started selling eBooks (How to books on multiple subjects) using automatic downloads after the purchase with great success for years but eBay started requiring shipment of a CD with the eBook on it so it was right back where I was.
Then the 2000’s started my adventures in Affiliate Marketing and Traffic Exchanges to spread the word of my many opportunities. It was heartbreaking when I would grow a system only to have them change the compensation plan or rules at their discretion. So now I use ClickBank as my preferred method to generate Affiliates.

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