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How to do Online Marketing: Learn in 10 Minutes a Successful online marketing strategy

Hi, A very good evening to you all today We are going to learn about online marketing and Social Media we will cover the very basic of online marketing and Social Media and understand What is a AIDA-AIDA Model, AIDA Model means awareness Interest, desire and action how these four terms influence Social media marketing and online marketing. Today my friends what we are doing is we are talking about online marketing, Social Media and alike activities So just to give you a brief let’s start with what is the meaning of mass Media? When we talk about mass Media it is a traditional form of Media In which an instrument is used to reach out to people for News or advertisement or movie or alike activities including music.

For example traditional media includes radio, television Dish Antena, what happens there? people at the back end generate news generate movies, generate information, and they share it with you, and you are the consumer. So there is a relationship between News makers or mass media makers and the consumers. what happens so, mass Media people They create the content for you, and you consume it. On the other hand when we talk of Social Media, Social Media Is is a platform where The people who is providing platform to you they are not creating any news for you they are just giving you users experience and they are telling you or rather there, they have created a system by which we create content for them and that means we are content makers ourselves and at the same time we are consumers as well so there is the you know this is the fundamental difference between Mass Media I will say traditional media mass Media and Social Media and this is what is also called wave 2 technologies means a Platform is created where by you don’t only go for information But there is a kind of two-way communication.

You interact with machine you interact with system, you interact with people so in in mass Media we had machine and Information and consumers and in social Media we too have machines but we are ourself content makers Means we have content makers as well as consumer support, so this is the basic difference between Mass Media and Social Media So keeping that into consideration now because of their wave2 technologies that you are fully aware, In lasts 1015 years it has done tremendous work. It has created a massive disruption in the market and that that is why earlier the marketing that we used to do through television advertisements, or hoarding etc are now taking place through online.

Therefore the online marketing has become very important instrument for everybody and in online market marketing we includes like you know Internet marketing, we include email marketing, we include podcasting, blogging etc and in that social media comes into picture. Social Media is very important factor in that and what is social Media then? Social Media is not only Facebook or google+ or alike few platforms that we know of. Social media also consists small small blogging points. There are many small platforms, for example modeling. Why is one of them Modlingua is one of them where by you are interacting with people, you have been making contents, you are kind of sharing with people.

I am just giving you one small example as Modlingua as one of the social media thing for you but similar kind of modlingua why exists in millions. Now apart from Facebook or Twitter or Instagram etc. So keeping that into consideration let’s move to understand We have already discussed what is online marketing. Online marketing is marketing of products or services over the internet and it ties together creative and technical aspects of the internet including design, development and advertisement. And it is now being used by companies for selling their products, interacting with people, interacting with consumers. If you go through the importance of Social Media, you will understand how it is important. The reason is the internet users have increased In last you know years tremendously. Here in the USA you can see 74.7% of the population speaks, you know interacts with internet, in Brazil 34.3% , China 22.4%, India is still %. Internet Penetration, I am talking about. But just imagine in recent few months perhaps because of introduction of Jio Sim and variety of other competitive people coming in, the penetration of internet has increased many folds.

So this graph that I have shown you is percent which is very old graph .Now perhaps it could be now 15 % or 20 % of the population having internet access through mobile phone not necessarily through wire or high speed, but at least they have access to internet that means most of them are now on Twitter or most of them are now on Facebook, or alike Media? So that is importance of the internet users worldwide. When we talk of you know online marketing channel, I have initially explained you it is email marketing. We are blogging, we have pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing and viral marketing. So these are you know basic frames on which our internet online marketing works. So when we talk of basic frame of all internet marketing, how it happens? You will notice what is email marketing. we start sending emails you know to people and we try to reach out to people so this is reaching when you reach out to people it is called you know pushing your information to somebody’s inbox and now even this particular email marketing you know pushing your email to somebody’s inbox is being considered not very effective marketing because it is introducing in somebody’s privacy you know without seeking permission.

So they are now lots of mechanism by which your emails are being blocked by you know these platforms including Google yahoo, etc America online you know they all have developed certain system by which marketing emails are being blocked unless and until you have opt-in ID’s. you know if you start sending emails to people around, your things will be considered as a spam .So email marketing has become like like you know something in transition of getting kind of you know shaky about the reaching of people. Now the most important that has come into picture is blogging. What is blogging? We blog, we write, we share information and people come in. It is like engaging with variety of people around. Now if you notice there are lots of corporate you know big companies what they have done. They allow you to blog and they seek then they take feedback from whatever you do. So what your blogging and feedback mechanism helps them understand the psyche of the consumers.

And that is how they tried to detain people Now apart from blogging, there is another concept for pay per click marketing. What is this PPC, it is called you know in short. What is this PPC? You know there are lots of platforms now including Google, Google Ads for example, they allow you to put your advertisement on their sites and similarly YouTube also does the same thing. Similarly Facebook also does the same thing. Similarly there are other you know key players including Yahoo also does the same thing. What they do they ask you to create an Ad and that Ad is Disseminated around all the Facebook targeted people around Google targeted people, around yahoo targeted people or around the YouTube targeted people. You might be noticing suddenly if you have searched let’s say you wanted to go to let’s say Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, you search on Google once the moment you have searched on Google once for Malaysia you know air ticket. If you visit Facebook you start getting Ad on Facebook for Malaysia air tickets.How this happens? This happens because there are cookies that has enabled at your computers, or web sites they track your movement and the moment you You switch over from one platform to another they know what you are doing So they keep on searching you and they keep on putting their you know Ads in front of you So that you click them and the moment you click the person who has put an Ad is charged and Many times one click can cost hundreds rupees one click can cost 10 Rupees at times It can cost even 500 rupees, it depends on the number you know the importance of of the word on which people are following you Or Google is bringing your Ad you know in front of you, so this is what is called Pay-Per-Click marketing And if you you will be surprised to know that Earlier people use to spend in you know big corporates or brands used to spend at least 15% to 30% cost on advertisement 40 TV channels or NewSpapers Etc But all those funds which they used to have on all those channels are now being bifurcated into pay per clicks.

There are big number of at you know Spending by big corporates including Amazon including flipkart including you know eBay all these big Platforms Where Goods are being sold They do spend a huge amount of money in Pay-Per-Click Ads and Even a small or even a big company does the same thing depending upon your pocket. We make use of this pay-per-click marketing And it is quite costly it is not not very very you know cheap, when I say a cheap it means It is not never a throwaway price. However it is little costly than TV. TV etc It is quite less costly, but if you look from you know social angle and a spending side Comparatively it is cheaper than television or traditional spending on a traditional so in social media also if you wanted to kind of apart from Pay-per-click there is another terms come that is called social media marketing. Then what you do in social media marketing You try and bring as much followers as possible For a product or for a brand or for a name or for a for a page for example Modelingua you know corporate profile page currently it has around 1,400 followers So the more number of followers modelingua has the better it will penetrate into the psyche of the thought process of the people similarly the Ravi Kumar’s brand the more number of Followers I have the more penetration I will have or the more click a person makes on my information, which I share the more better It is because I am reaching out to big number of people So this is what is called social media marketing even in social media marketing You are paid paid for you.

Apart from simply in blogging, you also paid to Facebook for giving your advertisement For increasing popularity. For example many times I do it for let’s say if I Create a blog and I feel this blog is very important It can bring more people if it is disseminated instead of just sharing I also spent $10 on that If I spent $10 that could mean I will be reaching out to approximately 5,000 people So if out of 5,000 people lets say thousand of them You know read and like it they become a kind of you know passive follower for me for future so that’s how you know we try and engage in Social Media with people around What is digital marketing now? So digital marketing. You know is equally important apart from Social Media Digital marketing it means you know video channels through the way, we have done it on YouTube, Internet radio Mobile phone, now Whatsapp has come into a big way, you know similarly display of Banners Ad etc, you know They also form part of digital media earlier that but even that we used to put put on you know hoardings on Airport or or crowded places etc.

Now We try to put these Ads on all those crowded or highly Attracted traffic attracted you know widgets points on internet We put ad there. For example if I know that let’s say let’s say a newspaper Blog is very important and lots of people go there. I approached that newspaper or a person who is who is having lots of followers to please put my Ad on your blog or or for your page. These people will charge me and put my Ad so that will increase my visibility that will increase my you know internet presence So this is what is called social Media. I mean this what is called digital marketing and what is viral marketing? Viral marketing when we talk of it is something like it is a technique on using all these media that we have talked about To create an impact in such a way that Once you share it It is being shared by not one person or two person or three person but thousands of people share that for example if you recall there was a song Kolavari D or Gangnam Style Have you listened to those those songs they were all viral kind of you know songs Once they created it, It was created it got it got viral into like like you know Millions of hits on Facebook millions of hits on whats App and What not? so this kind of activity when people start doing and It goes beyond You know numbers then it becomes viral so viral marketing is very important especially if you’re looking at a large scale branding and presence of your activities So now for achieving all these Online marketing strategy we have you know this called AIDA model.

What is AIDA model. A is awareness I is interest D is Desire and A is action. So, how are all this AIDA activity comes into picture if we don’t put these four aspects into our marketing strategy online marketing strategy our strategy will never be complete. How? Let’s say we create a blog and we Create awareness that’s fine. We share it awareness comes But if there is a lack of all these three aspects, we say there is no interest there is no desire There is no action then your online marketing plan is not complete similarly if we create awareness And we are able to create interest also in our product or our information, but there is no desire If there is no desire there is no action.

So similarly if we are able to get awareness, interest and desire and if there is no action, all our efforts are useless So what we do? We created a strategy a strategy where by which We have to create an awareness, we have to create interest and out of that interest we have to make people desirous of what we are doing and the moment they do start desiring they click and after they click it must get converted as well, so it becomes a complete science of doing all these activities you might be aware there are big companies who have a division Of 10 20 30 people only for creating awareness. Then they have a division for creating interest, then they are they have division for creating desire, and then they have division for creating action, so when all these four things Sink, let’s say of 50 25 25 25 25 people they all combine and make things you know complete and then only a strategic plan of online marketing can be called effective plan.

If if any of these four is Lacking it is not considered as effective online marketing plan.


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