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How To Invest $100 Into Affiliate Marketing (Beginner’s Guide)

What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today guys I want to be telling you how to invest a hundred dollars into your affiliate marketing business guys this is gonna be a perfect video if you’re a beginner you have like a hundred dollars to invest in your business it’s kinda laying around you only know what to do with it I’m gonna tell you exactly I should spend it to your affiliate marketing business off the ground to really get it started I’m gonna do in just a minute I’m hop into my computer to do that but just before that guys if you’re brand new to the channel this is the first time you’re watching one of my videos be subscribed right now for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now I can show you guys exactly how to invest that hundred dollars all right guys we’re now in my computer as you can see on my whiteboard how to invest a hundred dollars into affiliate marketing I’m course you guys are just gonna see a bunch of prices over here on the left as I pull the box that’s gonna reveal exactly what each thing is gonna be and I’m gonna explain it step by step that way I can give you guys most beginner video I can’t I want to make sure you guys understand and fully get everything I’m talking about in this video because guys of course you guys I have like five or six things over there let me just stop wasting your time let’s start this video off I’m gonna pull the Box down a little bit to show you guys exactly what is worth fifteen dollars you guys a lot of these gonna be monthly by the way just sure though just so you know but I’ll explain exactly which ones are which ones aren’t as we go down the list but the first one’s gonna be an email autoresponder which is gonna be about $15 a month guys a lot of email autoresponders can easily get up to like 30 50 I’ve seen something like $100 a month guys the one I use personally is get response you guys see I have it like bookmark up bookmarked up there as someone I use personally which is why I recommend it to other people I find it’s pretty much like the cheapest one that you can get for this kind of like top-level caliber email autoresponder because of course the big ones are gonna be like when I use get response Aweber MailChimp this one I think it personally it gets you the most bang for your buck it gives you the most value for the cheapest price that’s why I recommend you guys use get response as well there’ll be a link in the description you guys can get your first 30 days free so of course to bring that price down from $15 0 dollars a month for the first month at least I actually out there guys after you guys have an email autoresponder setup because that’s one of the key things you’re really gonna need for your business is be able to actually email especially to your list guys the money is in the list you want to be consistently and constantly building up your list sending out email because email is nothing one of the best ways to actually reach your customer and make sales because of course you guys gonna want to set up your autoresponder campaigns your newsletter emails and all that good stuff you guys you get definitely gonna need an OE mail autoresponder fill your marketing business after after guys next thing you guys are gonna want to set up you pull a box down some more it’s gonna be a website domain you guys are of course gonna want to get your own custom domain where that’s you GoDaddy Hostgator yeah you can usually get it for about ten dollars but I also know I GoDaddy usually s in coupons you can actually register domain for like a dollar maybe even two dollars but it can be really cheap guys ten dollars is kind of just like the range of course these these aren’t gonna be like exact exact prices depending on what like provider or service you use for example then it’ll differ by by price of course but I wanted to give you guys like a general overview of some of the tools that you’re gonna need and just like a very average price of what it’ll cost you all equalling up I would say about a hundred dollars of course you guys are gonna want like a custom domain name where they’re just for your personal brand or for your actual business brand you guys are gonna want one and that definitely also tacks on to the email autoresponder because guys you’re not gonna be able to send out email or email like in masked with an autoresponder unless you have a custom domain there’s a lot of times if you’re sending email from like a gmail or yahoo account and let’s go straight to spam or won’t go through it all you guys we are actually gonna need a custom domain name now you guys can actually register it and send out proper emails actually after guys after you have your custom website domain set up next thing you don’t want to do is actually set up your website hosting of course guys this isn’t really necessary if you don’t want to have like your own website but for a lot of businesses you’re definitely gonna want to have your own website of course guys you already have your custom domain name so now you won’t actually host that domain and also up site on there like I said before though guys web site hosting is any monthly it’ll be about ten dollars a month you can definitely find some cheaper ones especially if you actually pay long term if you pay for like a year in advance you guys can easily get that done it’s like $5 a month total with that being said the guys website hosting is gonna be a monthly cost we should have factor factor that in and a website domain of course seem like a one-time purchase you might have to renew it after like one year or two years depending on how you set it up but there was like the top three things you’re really gonna need to start your affiliate marketing business all right if you these three things alone you can easily get started doing affiliate marketing and that’s why I’m for awhile like twenty five thirty seven dollars you just can easily start a Philly marketing by writing blog posts maybe some reviews very easily get some traffic and then just start really just building your list up and to start doing your flight marketing that’s just a hack for guys next time well I’m actually gonna want to show you guys pull the box on some more after you guys have your website set up so I’ll hosted the next thing you gonna want to do is actually get a custom email address so the way I actually set up my custom email addresses is it’s gonna be linked of course directly to your custom domain but I personally use G Suite which of course is like Google’s thing for kind of business I use it for the email platform is because it allows you to have a custom email like I said before guys of course it’s gonna be links to your custom domain so of course one of the domains that I own it’s gonna be be Anthony Villa calm or she’s my personal brand so I’m gonna own the website name and then my personal email address before that is gonna be Anthony at the Anthony Villa calm or so it’s way more professional than like anything else at or at of course when it’s on your personal websites on a personal domain it’s gonna look a lot more professional even when you’re just sending out emails to people it’s gonna look a lot nicer today Stan they see you have your own custom domain set up it somewhere more professional I can guarantee you guys after that so guys I don’t wanna be like $a month with G suite I pretty much the best one I found to actually sell buy a custom email address I pretty sure took the cheapest and it’s definitely the best because it works off the Google platform or I’m sorry the Gmail platform which I already use pretty much every day a lot of you probably already use Gmail it was really easy to make that transition from having like a personal email to then having a business email because I look pretty much exactly the same because they’re both can be hosted on Gmail which makes it really simple makes it really easy to actually do after you guys have all these things I’ll kind of set up and I’m running through these things kind of fast I don’t make this video too too long I’m just kind of running through these things kind of fast if you guys have any questions or any of this feel free to drop a comment I’ll definitely 110% answer all comments on this video about any of these things if you guys have a lot of questions on one of these specific things and I’ll go ahead and make an entire video on it no problem just to help you guys out after you guys have liked those four things set up I want to pull a box way down there’s a little bit more and one of the things I would do is if I had $100 to invest in the beginning of my flight marketing I would invest maybe like 10 dollars in just like a cheap beginner a flaky marketing course education is definitely one of the best ways you can spend your money investing in yourself definitely pays the best dividends that money pays the best interest over time which is why I definitely recommend it but of course guys you know I’m not a huge fan of spending like five hundred dollars in the beginning of any like business venture just for our course because guys if you don’t even know if you like your flame marketing yet or not a great way to find out it’s about a ten twenty dollar course see what they’re doing and see if you like it do not go spending like a thousand dollars thousand dollars on a slight marketing course just to find out like three weeks later you actually really hate a flight marketing because then you won’t be able to get your money back most likely and you’ll be down like two thousand dollars and it’s just not a good time definitely I definitely recommend getting a cheap beginner course udemy is definitely a great place to take courses online when they have that in their sales my coupons it needs to get a course like $10 $15 which of course is not bad at all I actually have their websites like Skillshare and places like that online they’re pretty much the top place online you can easily find some cheap beginner I played marketing courses or if you don’t even want to do that maybe you’d rather save that money for some other stuff you guys can easily go on YouTube I have videos on talking about a flight marketing how to do it there are plenty of videos on YouTube online on how to do a flight marketing as a beginner and how to get your affiliate marketing business started so you guys can easily watch some of those and then instead of just actually buying a cheap ring under course a beginner course it’s just a little bit more structured it’s more actually like a step-by-step plan that’s why I like that’s why I recommend it but actually out there guys the last thing I had one here isn’t really anything specific it just kind of left over money for ad spend because of course spending money on ads actually like paying for traffic is gonna be a lot faster you’re gonna be able to generate a lot of traffic a lot faster and then with more traffic more sales and be able to generate a profit bastard you’ll be able to just kind of get your business started and really get that cash flow a lot easier so I just left the extra $30 I was left over for some ad spend of course if you guys have like all five of these tools being an autoresponder domain hosting an email address and it’s taking like a cheap beginner course you guys will definitely be on the way to actually starting your online business your affiliate marketing business and well on your way to start making some money online with that being said guys this is my advice personally this is how I would invest our dollars into after the market I had it right now I was just kind of starting over again you guys kind of course spend it however you want you don’t have to listen to me of course you guys can go anyway with it but that’s my advice personally if you guys enjoyed the video and definitely trouble like on it and definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day and with that being said guys my name is Anthony Villa and I am out peace


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