How to Make Money With Clickbank

For me, ClickBank is one of the best platforms to sell your
product as a vendor. It’s full of affiliates looking for the
best products to promote so they can add into their marketing
campaign. There are numerous ways on how to make money with clickbank.

It’s also full of expert PPC affiliates who’ll know how to
promote any product, and I mean ANY product to see if it’s going
to be a winner.

For me, the PPC guys are the ones you really want to get the
attention of. These guys know how to buy traffic, send it to
your site, and pick out which keywords will convert.

If they manage to turn a profit after doing a trial run of your
product and if they manage to siff through all the bad keywords
and find the few good keywords which convert, you’ve got a new
stream of income as the product owner!

For example, let’s say you’re selling an eBook on ‘how to get
fit and healthly’ for $47, and you give your affiliates 75%
commission (which you should), they’d have to see if they can
get at least 1 sale with $35.25 worth of paid traffic for your
site to be even profitable for them.

First they start off by promoting your site with 100s of
keywords, such as ‘lose weight’, ‘get fit’, ‘diet plans’ etc.
and spend $100s on traffic to see if your product converts. If
it does, they’ll gradually work their way through the keywords
to find which are converting the best for your product and
producing the most profit.

Some keywords for example may convert for them, but they’d have
to spend $40 on traffic before a customer buys, in which case
they’ve made a loss. Sometimes it may narrow down to just 1
keyword for their business model to be profitable.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to polish your product and
make it outstanding. Out-do your competitors and your affiliates
will start promoting you! How to make money with clickbank will be very profitable if done correctly.

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