*The Blueprints* To Sales Pages Revealed!

Have you ever created a product and decided to write
your own sales page?

Have you ever decided to become an affiliate of a
product, but struggled to write a decent squeeze page?

Or maybe you bought a private label product, and just
wanted to make it different from everyone else’s but
lacked the creative fuel?

Whatever your reason, you are aware of how important
this one skill can be. In fact, the ‘top guns’ are
paid thousands per sales page to write the best copy.


Quite simply because their copy sells.

If you knew you could invest $1000 on a professional
copywriter which would trigger an avalanche of $197
sales for life, you’d do it in a heartbeat.

But here’s the problem.

Not everyone has $1000 lying around to invest on a
copywriter. Nor do they have the skills to write
seductive copy themselves. But what if one could just
implement a fraction of the psychological triggers
that the pros do?

You know, those triggers which eventually get your
visitor to start reading past your headline into your
opening paragraph and all the way down to your
guarantee and onto your buy button.

Don’t you think you’d stand a greater chance than
the other guy who didn’t put in the effort?

Don’t you think you’d finally start to see the sales
you’ve worked so hard for?

Thankfully, there is a course available that teaches
you all the triggers and devices of great copy
writing and one that doesn’t require you to dig deep
into your pockets.

=> http://internetglobalbiz.com/SalesPageBlueprints

Inside you’ll uncover..

– How to identify your prospect and write at their

– How to format your sales letter for the perfect

– Why long sales letters win hands down and when you
may use a short one.

– How to tackle your headline and answer your
prospect’s questions within seconds to make them read
through to your first paragraph.

– How to ‘sell’ and not ‘list’. Your product may be
the best in the world with one million features but
your prospect still won’t know why they’d need it.
Answer this for them and you’re already half-way

– How to close the deal, prove to your prospect that
this is what they want and get them to click that buy
now button.

– How to split-test and increase your conversions.
You’ve probably heard the guru’s telling you time and
time again to split test your marketing. Now you’ll
know exactly how to do this!

Everything is revealed in this new video course:

=> http://internetglobalbiz.com/SalesPageBlueprints



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